And this just in:

From our building manager:

I understand that some tenants have been concerned about a strange orange smell in the building. As you all know the 3rd floor is under construction. Last night around 4 they had to use an orange scented solvent which caused the odor. The solvent has been used before and it has been confirmed that it is completely non-toxic. I realize this may cause an inconvenience to some of you, and I’d like to thankyou all for understanding the special circumstances that are normally caused by construction. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will address them individually.

Ok, let’s see you drink a glass of it.

3 thoughts on “And this just in:

  1. Back when I worked at Rat Shack, I think we used a similar orange solvent (which was nicknamed “Agent Orange,” but officially had some lame name like “Orange GooGone.”) This stuff would eat away just about anything, including gum and those stick-on-but-never-remove security tags that would wire something down to the counter. It would also stink up the store to high heaven with super-concentrated artificial orange smell. It was unable to remove the quarters we superglued to the sidewalk, though.


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