I am an angry guy.

Today I was angry. About lots of stuff: work crap, traffic, my life in general, spots of dust, an itchy nose.

I got spammed by some New Age assholes from a “self awareness institute”. Spammed very stupidly through their cable modem. I called them and left an elaborately threatening and abusive message on their voicemail, then reported them to Cox’s abuse department, who opened a ticket. They’re near me. I want to go burn their “self awareness institute” to the ground and impale them and sow the ground with salt and tip over their obelisk. I’m just mad today.

I also had to bitch down some people at work who were playing “issue tennis” with me. You know, where you have a problem that you need someone to solve and they decide to keep asking you questions and waiting for the responses in order to slow down the inevitable approach of work? Doesn’t succeed with me, especially when I’m mad.

I was not, however, angry or mean to my cat.

5 thoughts on “I am an angry guy.

  1. We could get all old testament on d’ass…
    Since they want to advertise their religion to you, we could do the same in an equally painful way. They have the 12 promises to healing: http://www.12promises.com/12_Promises/12_promises.html, we have the 10 plagues in Exodus. However, this website with the 10 plagues is equally disturbing: ..http://www.just4kidsmagazine.com/10plagues/index.html. If you are not scared by the wrath of God, you will be scared by the rath of bad HTML.

    1. plaques?
      they should use some floss and lavoris they got plaques. also, those were the least funnest fun pages ever. they made me sad in the way goofus and gallant in hilites for chillen made me sad.

  2. “I was not, however, angry or mean to my cat.”
    The initial giggle that this evoked turned into the happysaddest, “AWWWWW” in US.0003 seconds flat. It was a terribly cute thing to say.

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