The last Tahoe of a scoundrel

Seen on the 405 today on the way to work. Fortunately for him my rocket launcher was on the fritz. To add to the amusement factor, a very dirty van with a frazzled old guy in it was in front of him, all painted up with IMPEACH BUSH and KUCINICH FOR PREZ etc. Edit: I didn’t think I got a shot with the van too, but I did! Woo!

8 thoughts on “The last Tahoe of a scoundrel

  1. Is it just me or does it look like the van has a large white dog with a leg coming out of its head wearing green and white stockings and mary janes?

  2. that reminds me a lot of that mullet-man “GET A BRAIN! MORANS”/”GO USA” picture. they should make a sticker that says “even our spelling errors are in the name of patriotism!!”
    also, i wonder if XP8RIAT is already taken.

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