another short angry thing

Just got musical spam from a radio station.

“John Mellencamp cut his teeth on the blues. Now with his latest release, ‘Trouble No More’, he returns to his musical beginnings. ”


I mean did I miss his fucking Robert Johnson period sometime in the 80s? Or maybe whiny white-boy strummin’ classic rock is what we’re supposed to call “blues” now.

Hey hey mama, I got the Clearchannel blues
Workin for a megacorp, playin what a puter choose
(Pass them big shrimp!)

3 thoughts on “another short angry thing

  1. Mellencamp
    He used to drive me insane. Then he did the remake of Van Morrison’s “Wild Nights” and I thought, “this guy is just having fun, it’s not his fault that he gets more airplay than the Allman Brothers.”
    What I don’t understand is why “classic rock” stations contain a steady diet of Mellencamp. “Jack and Diane” wasn’t that big a hit when it came out, was it? How come it and that pink houses song get more airplay then Frank Zappa’s entire body of work? I just don’t understand.
    As for the blues bit… it’s an absurdity.

    1. Re: Mellencamp
      Actually, when it came out I used to hear “Jack and Dianne” on the radio all the time, and I don’t think I knew what Zappa played till college (about 10 years later). That might be about timing though — I think Zappa was on the radio before my time, while I was really listening to the radio when Mellencamp was hot. I would have had to be introduced to Zappa, and I hung in a pop music crowd till college.
      But, yeah, “Jack and Dianne” was a really big hit. I’m not going to claim he’s great, or that he can be compared artistically to Zappa. But he sold lots of records in the 80s.

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