Plus the announcers were totally insane

I had a good time at the Pomona Raceway on Saturday with jonpants and the_silent_one. Thanks Jon for driving us all over Southern California! And being our Tour Guide to the World of Vintage Drag Racing.

My photos did not turn out so well, but I got two short movies with the Canon: Hemi Under Glass at night and Night Top Fuel Run.

Top fuel drag racing, even the vintage stuff we were watching, is insanely loud. My ears itched. But Jon is right, nitro smells good. It smells like.. SUBLIMATION.

I can’t remember most of the nonsense the increasingly insane announcers spewed. The one guy just kept saying “boing boing boing boing boing” or “Happy happy happy happy” like an echolalic Ed McMahon. Very odd.

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