6 thoughts on “No, Cory. Just no.

  1. wtf
    TELMEX had screamed blue murder when their fiber had been cut by the simple expedient of driving a backhoe through the main conduit, and had pulled lineage all along the Rio Grande.

  2. New rule. Unless you’ve spent 5+ years developing an elaborate future for every aspect of human culture, you’re ONLY ALLWOED TO MAKE UP 10 NEW BUZZWORDS PER STORY.
    “My kids are emailing me out of house and home,” indeed.
    Writing isn’t horrible by web standards (I’ve posted far worse) but it’s like a giant open source wankfest. I like wireless too, but sheesh. 😉

  3. Thank goodness it’s not just me. I see his stuff linked all over with comments about how great it is, and I can’t choke down more than two paragraphs. It’s thoroughly unreadable. And I’m a scifi fan.

  4. I’ll draw the line on “anyone”, there could be some interesting fiction written that involves a wireless community.
    Cory Doctorow just sucks. Speculative fiction that peers a full five minutes into the future using the ideology of Slashdot reader. There is comic book violence, generic sex scenes, and then the protagonist gets rich and famous and is still an uber-cool revolutionary. More Wired than unwired.

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