Courtesy gynocide

We have the Dumbass Political Gesture du Jour.

For my next trick, I will protest the increasing secularization of the curriculum and the evils of phonetics by sticking my wankus in a light socket!

Whatever one’s views on politics and morality, aviation is technical, folks. Don’t do it at all if you can’t remember what it is you’re doing.

3 thoughts on “Courtesy gynocide

  1. “By dropping those leaflets that said students shouldn’t go out to see the protest, he was basically telling the kids to go check it out in a reverse-psychology way,’ Camalich said. “That’s my intuition, at least.”
    He’s a sharp one.

  2. So, let me get this straight. Some thinks it might be a good idea to fly his plane (I assume based on the description it was an ultralight) over a school and drop some psychobabble leaflets, and whacks off a couple of fingers in the process and crashes his aircraft.
    There is a God. I may have to start going to church.

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