4 thoughts on “You know how to whistle, don’t you?

  1. I also want calling cards. Something to give people. But it can’t be a business card because
    a) I don’t want to define myself by my job title and I would like to be able to give something to people outside business situations
    b) I don’t have a job.
    Wasn’t there a code where you could fold one corner or another of your card when you called to indicate whether you would call again and so forth?

  2. At one point my big idea was to print my info on the backs of other people’s cards. Whenever I saw cards on offer I’d take one and stamp my own thing on the other side. Then I could give them to people. Kind of like, when someone asks for a light, you give them the matchbook from some hip joint you once visited on the Kona coast.

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