He hated this crap anyway

Dear Advertisers:

Thank you for your constant reminders to “Not forget Dad on June 15” and “Celebrate your love for Dad” and also that “Dad would love these tools”, etc.

July will be the tenth anniversary of his death. Therefore, I’m unlikely to forget him, but I don’t think he needs any tools.

Please take your Hallmark holidays and shove them. My mother cries practically every time she’s reminded of him, and you’re not helping.



3 thoughts on “He hated this crap anyway

  1. Hurrrr… =/
    Next January it’ll be the 20th anniversary for my dad’s. Hadn’t thought of that in awhile. I just don’t think of it much at all because I guess I don’t really even feel like I had one. It must be really hard when you had a good, real dad. Poop. Hug your mom up for me.

  2. This crap is going to continue, and only get worse, as time goes on. Every year, in February, I have this discussion with my wife over Valentine’s Day. It’s always a major source of stress, because I don’t do Hallmark Holidays. Any of ’em. About as far as I go is St. Patrick’s Day, and because my father is Irish it’s somewhat required.
    After we kill all the lawyers, let’s set fire to Hallmark stores.

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