I have a new pan. It’s already proven its use with an eggplant/tomato/pepper sautée. It’s big. It goes in the oven up to 450 degrees. It has a nice lid. It’s nonstick. IT IS MY NEW FRIEND.

My pan, adore it!

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    1. maaagic
      I think they’ve actually got better at the nonpoisoning part over the years. They coat the metal with some stuff that resists heat and is nonstick, and apparently doesn’t come off in flakes like the old Teflon did.

      1. Re: maaagic
        I think I might be too old to believe the hype. I was brought up by a “natural” mom and I’ll always suspect non-stick and aluminium, believe that margerine fucks you up (oops! turns out that one’s true, eh?), and worry about microwaves (but still cook my sweet potatoes in ’em–mmmm, I’m gonna go do one now).

      2. Re: maaagic
        Hah! I’m a year older than you. But I do remember the bad old nonstick. The aluminum thing turned out to be bad science, but I hear your basic skepticism and understand.
        Most of my own cooking is still done in a cast iron pan because it’s a really good technology!

  1. Mmmmm, love the pan. =D I suggest never cooking anything tomatoey in it that needs to cook for longer than a saute though, because I once wrecked a similar pan that way (blistered pan, crying stimpy).
    Lucky iggy! =D

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