at home he’s a tourist

I have to work Saturday, but I have Monday and Tuesday off. At first I thought WOO I WILL GO SOMEWHERE and thought maybe San Francisco? Las Vegas?

But I can only really afford Las Vegas and not SF. And on mature reflection I don’t want to do that alone again, as much as the people watching while drunk was a blast before.

So I’ll probably just take a more local car trip (mountains, desert) on one of those days and be boring and save money.

Any suggestions, people?

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    1. Re: Where to go
      Okay, I’ve been to Solvang about 5 times and twice I got food poisoning.
      Unfortunately I fucking love it there and find it necessary to eat while I’m visiting.
      Where is this food you speak of?

  1. Might I suggest: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
    Open House this Saturday and Sunday, if you have Sunday off. Get a cheap hotel up there, and on Monday take a leisurely drive (after rush hour, of course) down the ol’ Pasadena Freeway to Galco’s Soda Pop Stop (yeah, the directions are a little hard to find on their website, so here’s a direct link), pick up some high octane suds. Then, head on over to Santa Monica, and spend the afternoon at the Pier or in Venice. Monday is a great day to be there, because it isn’t very crowded. Then, take a drive up Pacific Coast Highway, stop somewhere and spend the night (again, cheap hotel.. there are plenty in Oxnard and Camarillo, especially on weekdays). From there, you can venture (bad pun) up to Santa Barbara for the day, or head the other way on the 101 and relive the golden days of the Reagan Administration.
    Or, you could always just stay at home and play EverQuest. Your Choice.

    1. wow
      That’s a great list! Thank you! I didn’t know about the JPL thing.
      I wonder if you can still get Ronald Reagan Travel Alarm Clocks with Snooze Alarm at the Reagan “Library”? That was my favorite item at the gift shop there.

      1. Re: wow
        Actually, part of that was my plans for the weekend. *chuckle*
        It’s too bad that Galco’s is out of Fukola.

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