7 thoughts on “I was so baked, I thought I was Kate Moss

  1. Wow, I’m so…wow, it’s just…and that I…and….
    Holy fucking jesuz, I think. I think that I’m jaded, and clearly I’m really so fucking naieve. How to control the munchies! This is so brilliant. This is so…yeah, words totally fail me.

  2. I just ate 3 ho-hos and I wasn’t even stoned
    Those user pics showing a female torso where you can actually see the outline of her rib cage…cripes

    1. Re: I just ate 3 ho-hos and I wasn’t even stoned
      “78 is the perfect weight”
      …to be impaled on the brazen spikes surmounting the Zebthrone

  3. Now I could understand if there was a community for tweaker or coked out anorexics, but how the hell do these broads call themselves anorexic when you friggin know they get the pot-munchies just like anyone else?

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