Fun with government

I just got a garnishee notice from my job. It’s only for $140, but still alarming. It’s from the Vehicle License Collection people at the state tax board. Oddly, it references a car I did own, in a year I did own it (2000), and my real social security number, but an address I have never inhabited, or even visited, in another town. But with my real zip code.

This of course explains why I never got notice of this “problem” before the garnishee notice, but wow. How jacked up is this?

They get their $140 tomorrow, right or wrong, but I’m going to have to figure out how the government managed to get *this* kind of weird data munge. I bet that will take a while to fix, if ever.

2 thoughts on “Fun with government

  1. Jury Duty
    My current form of amusement is taunting the L.A. County jury duty people, when they send me jury duty summonses. The fact I haven’t lived in California for almost a decade is what makes this all possible. I can crayon-scribble on their intricate barcode-rich forms, because I’m TWO THOUSAND MILES AWAY. I occasionally send them a map showing where I am, and where they are, to make this clear to them.

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