Trivial details of an ordinary day

Had a relaxing day for a change! Yaay relaxing. I worked from home actually fixing problems over the magical Internet, instead of fighting traffic to Los Angeles and back.

Then I went to D’s and BS’d about with meta_kate and realitylost and Irish Dan for a bit. Kate had a good Rat Attack Story from her job. You know a mortgage company is getting really sub-prime when there are 8″ angry rodents jumping out of file cabinets and trying to bite the employees. Someone refi that Rattus norvegicus below 8% with no points. please.

Dan had suggestions that involved various weapons of mass destruction, but probably nonviolent traps would work best, I think. No one actually blaming the rat here.

Then realitylost and I decided to get dinner, and halfway there the_silent_one called so we met up at Billy’s, which isn’t usually my kind of restaurant but we had a good time. I had one drink and most of a cow, and watched the late 20s crowd get sauced and try to pick each other up.

There was a small moment of SHEER FREAKING PANIC later when I lost my wallet. My hip and suave jacket likes to betray me, like the One Ring, and drop my wallet out as I’m getting into cars. Fortunately the wallet was in the parking lot right where it fell out of the_silent_one‘s car. Many prayers were offered and goats sacrificed, and the wallet was recovered.

Another fine thing: I now own a Whirley Pop which is the best cookery device ever. You turn the little crank on the stove and 5 minutes later you have perfect popcorn. Where was this device all my life?

7 thoughts on “Trivial details of an ordinary day

  1. The Whirley Pop fucking rules. It is the kitchen implement to beat all kitchen implements, and I do not say that lightly.
    stimps has shitloads of great popcorn recipes. Ask her for the garam masala one sometime.

    1. i’ve never heard of such a thing. where does one get one, and how much is it?
      ms. s, if you are reading this, i beg you to share your popcorn recipes!!

      1. You can get them here, or here or here. Amazon has the best price (20 bucks), but I’m not sure if they actually have any in stock or not.
        A couple “recipes” I like…
        I put about 2 tablespoons of sugar in with the popcorn and mix it together before I toss it in the popper. You end up with a really lightly sweet kettle corn. Yum!
        I take a 1/4 cup of butter, a tablespoon or so of honey, and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of garam masala spice and heat it up in the microwave until it’s all melted together. When the popcorn’s done, just pour it in and turn it a few times to mix it. If you’re making air popcorn or something, you can put the popcorn in a big paper bag, pour in the goop, and then shake the bag a few times to accomplish the same thing. =) I think this is my favourite one… the sweet and spicy is great.
        Basically, I’ll toss anything in popcorn if I think it sounds good. Parmesan & rosemary is great, too. Yarr. I better go make some popcorn now.

  2. Whirley Whirley p’ting p’Tang!
    The best part about the Whirley Pop is the sound the popcorn makes as it’s flying around in there, mad at the world. It really hammers home the fact that the only reason you’re getting a good snack is that thin metal lid, the lid that stands between the furious kernels and an eye full of red hot retribution.

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