The Alex Chiu of Open Source Software

The very interesting fellow who wrote the now-pulled PostgreSQL-HOWTO (a snippet of this bit of mad genius is here and should please non-techies as well as us geeks!) has his own website, I see, and it’s just as good as I had reason to hope!

7 thoughts on “The Alex Chiu of Open Source Software

  1. Laugh your mad giglle mow
    I kept waiting for the font size to jump and change color as he started talking about dub stupid learning and the time cube…

  2. Linux is used by your COMPETITOR!! Your competitor is much more intelligent & smarter than what you are! You should know who your competitor is!! Your competitor is not stupid, watch out – your competitor will stab you from behind with Linux!!
    I love the smell of vague hysterical insults and threats leveled at total strangers. Smells like — schizophrenia.
    “Linux Insurance of America” is a very famous phrase.
    Uh — confirm or deny, Ignatz?

    1. oh sure yeah don’t you know
      Extremely famous. And by famous I mean “beamed into that guy’s head from the government pain satellites.”

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