From our “Where are they now” file

Going through the alumni of my college radio station (1984-1987 roughly) is weird.

So far I have found:

  1. Several programmers and other tech types
  2. Four attorneys
  3. A publicist who represents among other things an African art dealers’ association and Sammy Hagar’s drummer
  4. A senior VP of technical services at a big movie studio
  5. A producer of two good bigtime successful movies
  6. A producer of two bigtime not so good movies

Others I know of have ended up in “new media”, or at record companies, or even in radio. The only one I’m still really friends with is a musician. The others I’ve mostly had a very hard time dealing with. Leaving the entertainment field, which I did in about 1989, is like leaving a religion. Even if you don’t get shunned you never feel comfortable around the insiders again.

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