I am much with the Plague this eve

Yesterday afternoon I was working along at the computer, had something to eat, and suddenly my leg started to ache and I was seeing spots and I felt queasy and HEY! IT’S FLU TIME!

So I went to bed for 24 hours and sweated. No respiratory symptoms (ha ha Mr. SARS you haven’t got me yet), just some stomach blurf and the aches & pains, which for some reason were localized to my left leg. Peculiar. Of course I’m on call to boot, and there’s really nothing like being paged to fix a server at 3:20 a.m. while ill, but I’m not going to complain too much since I’m ok now and also not dead.

A series of bizarre feverish dreams visited, including a man who wanted to sell me a bootleg pork roast and instead fed me weak coffee from an urn, and lots of Greek statuary, and dreams in which I watched computer screen typing from miles away through binoculars.

Right now I’m enjoying that half-gone, dreamy, relieved feeling I always get after a feverish illness leaves. It’s like summer vacation!

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