wlonkly will appreciate this

Tonight after a delicious sushi dinner with my friend Ami, I went to Diedrich Coffee as usual to slack and chat. Talked a bit with Bave and Dethya and Irish Dan and foo2rama, a nice evening.

As we were preparing to leave, the staff was cleaning up, and the harassed young guy cleaning up tables was working pretty fast. People smoke on the patio, a lot. They smoke for the government. Big cigars, cigarettes, cloves, probably crack. Everyone smokes.

And it stinks at times. But as I talked I thought “someone has a really bad cigar” and then “no one smokes PLASTIC”. Sure enough, the kid had dumped the ashtrays into the garbage can and it was burning pretty well. I called out to him “garbage fire out here, better put it out.”

Then I watched the garbage can smoulder, me and a couple of the disorganized guys from the NA/AA meetings that always show up on Thursdays. For a few minutes. And then one of them noticed the hose nearby and we put it out.

A few minutes later the kid came out of the kitchen with a glass of water which he proceeded to redundantly dump in the garbage.

I forgot to remind him not to dump that garbage into the dumpster until it’s really, really out. Like maybe tomorrow. I hope he doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “wlonkly will appreciate this

  1. I think the bewst part was he had just put the hose away when people noticed the “fire.” Then as the 12 stepper has the hose spraying water into the trash he then proceeds to empty the glass of water into the trash can.
    Service has seemed to become slightly spotty there I’ve had to wait 10 minutes for a mocha… a few times, ad I don’t get in line when it is busy.

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