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  1. It’s great that Sen. Kerry has discovered his deeply-held convictions after voting for the war and the PATRIOT Act, so soon after Howard Dean started taking votes away from him.
    Yeah, sure he’ll fire Ashcroft, but do you trust him to roll back the legislation? Take a different approach?
    (Not like I get a choice, being merely a subject of the American empire.)

      1. Honestly
        A candidate against the war is going to get my vote.
        Unfortunately, there’s no way such a candidate is going to win in the current political evironment.

      2. Re: Honestly
        I don’t think there’s any question that he’s single term; I just don’t think the winning Demo will be against the war.
        But that’s pessimism for you.

  2. Howard Dean is doing quite well in the midwest if his early Iowa campaigning is any indication. While I’d certainly prefer Kerry to Shrub, I like Dean better. Depending on what the lay of the political landscape is in a few months – considering I’ll be in a swing state – if it looks like a losing cause for Dean, I would definitely back Kerry. However both Dean and Kerry are New England Democrats and they don’t usually do well south of the Upper West Side. Also, Dean is completely in favor of repealling DOMA and making state sanctioned marriage a right for lesbians and gays. I don’t see this issue polling well south of the Mason Dixon line.

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