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    1. (dusts off sociology degree)
      I think it extends from the dada branch of anarchists from the sixties war protests. People, being generally too dumb to create their own ideas and/or too lazy to understand the ideas behind the original protest weirdos, latched onto it as a way to party on and save the world, dude! Then people latch onto the newcomers the same way and it’s like making xeroxes of xeroxes…
      So not only is creepy unicycle dork following a strategy that has never worked for anything other than alienating people who would be otherwise sympathetic, he probably would not even understand that this is what he’s doing if you sat down and explained it to him:
      “Um. You’re a poser, of a poser, of a poser, of a guy who eventually realized that ‘messing with the heads of the establishment’ doesn’t reduce the flow of body bags.”
      Just a theory…

  1. Perhaps the best thing is that I didn’t scroll far enough down the page to realize that the pink man is sitting on a unicycle — I only got as far as his knees. So all I saw was (what I later realized was) the seat, jutting out from between his legs.
    Hum dee dum.

  2. That guy was often on Sproul Plaza at the UC Berkeley campus when I was going to school there. He would weave through the crowd on his unicycle. He had a song, which he would stop and sing. He was/is known as Pink Man.

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