Deep dark orange

Our government is starting to sound very comic opera, as though this was Panama or North Korea rather than the U.S.

This news story that our terror level will soon go to “Dark Orange” is quite fine, including bonus points for

  • Making a new color between orange and red because they hadn’t thought of that before

  • “ninja squad”

  • Closing down the Liberty Bell

  • The news article actually being a PR Newswire release about another news article

This has not been a recording. Here I am, J.H.

13 thoughts on “Deep dark orange

  1. Burnt Umber?
    What? They can’t go all the way to red? Is that another one of those measurements that only exists mathematically, but not in the real world? Dear, God! We cannot go to red or we will fall into its event horizon!
    They’ve gone to plaid!

      1. mr Pink
        When I worked at the hospital we had an actual Code Pink that was announced over the PA system. It was for when a baby had been stolen; all employees were to stand near an exit and prevent anyone with a baby from leaving. No joke. It was never used in earnest, only drills.

  2. do members of the “ninja squad” get code names with colors… like “mr. pink” and such?
    that would rule!
    i will be silently weeping in the corner some more now…

  3. Well, the Liberty Bell wouldn’t be such a good target if they’d left it in the cool old building it used to be in instead of putting it in that hideous glass thing.

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