Words all fail the magic prize

At the black hole coffee house again tonight. BS’d with the staff for a while, stared into space. Went to the bookstore and bought a Bible translation I didn’t have (NKJV), a book about Vedanta, and the New York Review of Books. Enough to chew on for a few.

Went back to the bookstore and encountered Bave and Dethya and Ranger Dan. Was having an enjoyable discussion with them when the guitar player at the next table, who had been quietly noodling along playing chords, took a break and lit up a joint.

It was sort of weird and uncomfortable sitting there smelling his WEED as we talked, and wondering why he was doing that in public. When he wandered away, came back, and lit up again Bave finally had to go tell him that the smoke was making his wife sick (Dethya can’t deal with it, it makes her nauseous) and he finally stopped.

Great comment from one of the coffee guys: “Yeah, I bet he wanted to say ‘I just lit that up ACCIDENTALLY because I’m so FREE and EASY that I don’t even notice your social anxiety about HERB, maaan.’.”

Actually I just can’t stand the smell, myself. But it was weird. I wonder if he was half-hoping a cop would show up so he could be a martyr to hemp.

Came home and had a pr0k sandwich and a bowl of saffron rice. Tomorrow I’m on call so I’ll go buy vegetables and fruits at Growers Ranch and make a fruit salad maybe and certainly a big ole vegetable stir fry delight.

Dunno what I’m doing tomorrow night. I want to have BIG FUN though. Any suggestions?

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