big mulch

McDonalds is happy to introduce a new way to become a huge fat diabetic lardbucket.. the CYBER WAY!!!

I just consumed (virtually), a yogurt dessert, a small fries, and a big mac. 1180 calories. Please kill me now.

I await the Fatburger “Just Eat a Bucket of Chili already” flash movie or the Olive Garden’s “Dying of high blood pressure just like Mama back in Milano” java applet.

4 thoughts on “big mulch

  1. Fatty Greasy Death Mmmmmmmmm
    Really, no good can come of looking at nutrition information for fast food.
    I did find it very interesting that it was difficult to construct a Super-sized big mac meal (they only offer drink info in 16 oz size) and that when I finished, it was unable to return any info…

  2. McDonalds makes me sick. Simply looking at the pictures of the horrible menu items pushed me to the verge of being sick.
    My meal of strictly Chicken McNugget sauces seemed pretty good, calorie-wise, though.

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