high-impact tiramisu with supercharger for low-end torque


  • A neurologist I met at the coffee house told me there are new bleach-resistant bacteria. Phear.
  • Italo Svevo’s Confessions of Zeno is a kick ass novel that you all must read.
  • I have moved on from noodles and the history of Scotland to chili and the history of Ireland as my evening occupations.
  • This morning my cat put both her paws on my face and said “Woo waa.” I am a stud!
  • We have a new show on the network I work at. The hosts are a former Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie model and a surfer from my home town. The ignatz effect is increasing.
  • I am failing in at least one important task at work but no-one has noticed.
  • A discourse on the failure of marketing and the death of quality should be posted later today.
  • Panama hats actually come from Ecuador
  • You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!

5 thoughts on “high-impact tiramisu with supercharger for low-end torque

  1. oh dear
    Bleach resistant. >_<
    Waaaah. I’m going to have to buy a rubber catsuit and wear it alll over the place soon, just so I don’t get germs. But I’ll have to lose about 30 lbs first so I don’t look dumb. =) Riiight.
    Written novel down, will get asap.
    Pith pith pith helmets are made of pith, but not pee. =)

    Bucky: Be fair, Mister President. Didn’t we initiate the Human Reliability tests for all personnel handling nuclear weapons?
    Pres. Muffley: Buck, when I told you to give them right up to the top, you said we couldn’t insult a general officer by asking him to pass a test to see if he’s a psycho.
    Bucky: It was an honest mistake, sir.

  2. The Ignatz Effect
    I seriously think you should come work here in the Homeland Defense industry.
    I mean, really. Cast your mind over the possibilities.

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