I’m starting to organize my pics from the trip, and here’s the first post. In a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Virginia, while waiting for my table, I found this Angel Doll Thing (.AVI video, 3 meg).

Sadly the video is 90 degrees rotated to the left because I shot it vertical and I dunno how to fix that easily because I am a Video Moron.

4 thoughts on “Angelic

  1. christ, when i lived in virginia, my parents used to eat at cracker barrel all the time. it’s so revolting yet so intriguing… every item is served in its own bowl or plate and the patrons are usually fat rednecks with stacks of empty plates.
    good times.

    1. crackers in barrels
      Yeah, that’s pretty close to the scene I saw. It was Sunday early afternoon, so almost everyone there was the post church crowd. Lots of families screaming at their well-dressed children or the staff about minutiae. Made me want to sign up to be a Baptist right quick!

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