feline guilt

I’m going on vacation next week, as is my sainted mother, and therefore the cat has no where to go. To add to this,she needs her litter changed daily and possibly her chin scrubbed still, not sure about this. As a result, we find we can ask no one to do all this, and mom is boarding her with the vet for a week. This fills me with angst, remorse, and cross-species guilt. Although I suppose she’ll get good care there. Hrmpf.

3 thoughts on “feline guilt

  1. I know how you feel! I worry so much about our animal friends that I’ve built up a reputation as someone who never goes on vacation and who never says no to cat watching requests. It’s like a second job for me.
    Do you have any friends who will be home who won’t mind having her over their house for a week?

  2. My job at Cats Only vet clinic was about half cleaning the joint up, and the other half was solid cat socializing. They get pretty spoiled, and have lots of time to get petted/smooched up/played with, especially if your vet has a common room. Don’t worry too much, Mr. Iggy. She won’t be as happy as she is with you, but you wouldn’t really want that either, would you? 😉

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