tick tick tick

It appears that I am 38.

I got some nice gifts, including the new Eco book (thanks meta_kate and brienigma!), a history of food, a device that records 40 seconds of me talking, and a CHEESE SLICER (thanks friendly_bandit!).

I had a good meal too at the local fancy french joint, our family’s traditional special occasion restaurant. I’m financially well off, mostly healthy, not dead yet. Ok, I’ll take it.

I’m pretty much still 22. Stopped there. I have no particular direction, no wife or girlfriend, no household of my own. I wonder if this just continues?

I scratch another year on the cell wall and look up at the sunlight coming through the bars…

9 thoughts on “tick tick tick

    I scratch another year on the cell wall
    Don’t bruise the mitochondria!!
    But fear not, oh nobly born. At 22 you weren’t eating walnut boccaccio wa hummus, were you? At 42, you could be BBQing eggplant avec horapa et bierre in Thailand, and charging the Sprotsplex massive consulting fees.
    — TorgoX

  2. Sorry that I missed your birthday. In addition to being a self-absorbed twit, I haven’t been using my LJ client which would have notified me.
    > a device that records 40 seconds of me talking
    !! What does your voice sound like?

      1. Dude, Ignatz, that’s you in that Rhino ad? OH MY FUCKING GOD! I am obsessed with that Rhino ad! I first encountered it at the beginning of the video We’re All Devo, which my ex Isaac and I used to watch constantly. I remember cracking up at the guy, apparently you, droning, “It’s a free call, it’s a free catalog” as the camera pans by. You just look so pissed off. And Martin Denny in the background!
        Isaac didn’t understand my love for the Rhino ad, even for that part where the other dude is jumping up and down spastically in front of a huge sign that says “EAT.” For no reason. That’s why I broke up with him, actually.

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