11 thoughts on “The Ham Story.

  1. hahahhaaaaaa lordy
    that’s a mighty impressive way to snap. brings a bit of drama to an otherwise mundane occupation. alhtough i think the girl who challenged him had a good point- he had no idea what sort of events may have brought the rude customer to that level of abrasiveness. her rudeness doesn’t really warrant his tantrum. it’s retail/food service. you have to expect such customers.

  2. That made me sad.
    It’s unjustifiable to take years of pent-up aggressions out on a single individual who pisses you off once. That guy’s lucky he wasn’t sued for assault.
    And why did the poster and the respondents have to keep bringing the woman’s age into it? “Old bat,” “Old bitch” — hi, ageist much?

    1. Re: That made me sad.
      at the most she deserved a glare or two from him. it’s not her fault that he has a problem tolerating the shortcomings of the general public.

    2. Re: That made me sad.
      Yeah, I guess I should have provided more context. I saw it more as a meeting of two insane people, like watching two bums scream at each other in the street.
      The guy who posted that thing is a sociopathic mess, and so was his victim. The funny arises only when you’re the third party.

    1. yes exactly
      That’s the problem with customers_suck
      You read along laughing until you realize that you identify with the wage slave and the customer-torturer and it dawns on you that human interaction is a huge fucking mess.

      1. Re: A huge fucking mess or…
        Blorg! My Mac put that extra period at the end. I don’t do that gothy ellipses everywhere thing.

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