smash it up

Ok, so this is all ‘s fault. Really. He found it. Not me. Nope.

Some annoying cheerleader types in NY have started up this disaster.

Hi gals. Just a few tips here:

  • Punks don’t do aerobics. We kick the shit out of nazi skinheads for exercise.
  • Punks don’t do mission statements. Our mission statement is LET’S DRINK AND POGO.
  • You suck. Really hard.

I’m gonna go abuse tobacco and caffeine while listening to the Urinals now.

6 thoughts on “smash it up

  1. I reaaaally reaaaaally want to go kick the shit out of these Bindettes. I mean… reaaaaaaaally.
    This is… worse… than hippies. O_o

  2. aaaactually:
    Don’t blame NYC:
    Punk Rock Aerobics was started in Boston by Hilken Mancini, a certified aerobics instructor and founding member of Boston’s mid-’90s alterna-pop group Fuzzy, and Maura Jasper, a video artist who produced the album art for Dinosaur Jr.’s seminal second album, 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me.
    Since its inception in August, the class is being held twice weekly in Boston-area clubs — Saturdays at the Middle East in Cambridge and Thursdays at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts — and boasts an average of 25 people per class at $7 apiece (slightly more in New York, natch).
    PRA’s first class outside Boston was held Saturday at New York’s CB’s Gallery, a performance space adjacent to the famed CBGB. Other classes are scheduled to take place in Brooklyn and another Manhattan location.

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