There must have been a point..

My social circle just evaporated again. I think this is the third time.

On careful longitudinal analysis, one finds that this happens every 5 years on a nonsynchronized schedule with my other occasional disaster, the Abortive Attempt at Romance.

I’ve figured it out. I keep reliving my 20s, because I didn’t get to then. So I hook up with some 20somethings, and we are all slackers without lives and we hang out and whoop it up faintly, like stunned howler monkeys. Then bit by bit they go off and pair up, find true love or careers, get involved in life, and leave me sitting at the coffee house with a cold espresso.

Maybe I should grow up this time instead of finding another set of Yuffies to hang with. When I hit 55 or so it’s going to be a real fucking Strangers with Candy mess.

I think that would entail buying better clothes, pretending that the news is real, and joining the Sierra Club to meet other aging failures and take one home with me, though, and I just can’t face that.

It’s back to bourbon ‘n’ denial for me.

10 thoughts on “There must have been a point..

  1. honk. honk honk honk. you could always move to canadia! we’d have to get a bigger apartment or something, but you know we adore you, mr. iggy.

    1. Yeah we have the slowly but ever expanding geek cluster. Not much chance of any “pairing off” here as pairs are too small for our tastes. You always have a place if you want it—I know it’s Canada, but hey we even have running water now!

  2. that’s pretty much my life, too. except my friends are all 16-20 and currently i’m only 23, but i still feel Too Old. i always knew that this would happen to me. when i was 16 there was some other Old Dude that hung around us, and i knew that everyone else would Grow Up and Move On and that i didn’t want to. i knew that that Old Dude would die and i would ascend to the throne. it’s kind of embarrassing. i do not like aging.
    but i think you have a pretty cool job. so you’ve got one up on me there.

  3. I’ve actually been feeling the same thing. I’ve been getting myself to ‘the place’ more often than never lately and haven’t really been finding anyone there but the occasional broken Bob and/or Andy A. Bob and I have had some very depressing conversations lately that completely did not make me feels better, which has generally been the aim of my leaving the house…
    Buck up little soldier!
    I still have a Bill Frisell mp3 mix in my laptop case, since I’ve been counting on running into you sometime before the laptop becomes doorstop…

  4. i tried going back to d’s, but no one was ever there…and if they were they didn’t talk to me…except for tommy, i guess…i decided i got the same thing out of sitting at home and i didn’t have to spend $4 for a coffee drink…i kinda miss it though, sunshine and fresh air and all…people…

  5. The same thing kept happening to me, with the evaporating social circle, until I finally realized I don’t like people much anyway and so now I just don’t have one!
    Easy peasy!

  6. Once I get a paycheck and thus a coat, I’ll be there more often. I have this really cool book that a certain substitute gave me to reread. Also, I have to show up and seek out all who will listen so that I can mesmerize them into voting like me. In other words, be afraid. I have a well researched opnion about everything. Especially for a particular judicial seat in OC.

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