crack the code, baby

So, there’s this whole Homeland Security/War on Terror thing going on. And it seems fairly cheesy and useless from any military or other practical point of view, not even very handy as a tool of oppression. What’s really going on?

One thing I’ve noticed is that at least two friends of mine and more acquaintainces have got jobs out of it, doing things like x-raying packages or clerical work for subcontractors working for the Homeland Security people. And at least two businesses I know of in my immediate circle have contracts to do work for them.

A small light bulb pops on over my head. I’ve got it. This isn’t intended to be useful or even oppressive. It’s the economic recovery plan. Say hello to FDR! Maybe this is the only way a Republican president with a shaky coalition can do a federal pork barrel jobs creation scheme.. as a war.

I await my slice of the anti-terror pie.

4 thoughts on “crack the code, baby

  1. my old company is raking in cash with their perl-based email filtering thing. Going after the anti-terror/paranoid-security market is a strategy for them.
    in fact, there was some item in the news about England, France, or Lichtenstein or some European country looking to filter ALL the mail that goes in and out of government offices or something. A post-it note then appears on the sales guys’ desk: “THINK BIGGER”.

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