Geography via IRC

<brev> i think this might be a nice idea for logging but I’d be afraid to let the Programmer In The Next Cublice use it
<brev> Cubicle, even.
<ignatz> eww, cub lice
<brev> no, no, it was an italian dessert. Coo-BLEE-say
<ignatz> or a charming seaside resort on the Adriatic
<ignatz> known to the turks as Kubli’c, the Italians as Cublice, the Serbs as Kublice, and the Austrians as Kullenbach.
<brev> and the americans as “Cub Lice”
<ignatz> right
<ignatz> The English having called it “Cubbles” since 1803
<brev> and its fascist past is not nearly the big thing others have made it out to be
<ignatz> yeah, exactly
<ignatz> try the plum brandy!
<brev> glug

3 thoughts on “Geography via IRC

  1. assistance!
    some time ago you recommended a distrobution of linux. i am in possession of an old computer and am ready to play. which distro was it and where can i get it?

    1. Re: assistance!
      So, two choices really for starting out with linux, in my opinion.

      Red Hat, which is used by more corporate installations that any other, so is commercially useful to learn, and is also easy to install. You should probably buy it, but you can also download it from their site and burn it onto a CD yourself.
      Debian, which is what I use. It’s also easy to install and is free. You can buy CDs if that is more convenient, or you can download a small set of floppies to start the install and grab the rest from the ‘net as you go. The advantage here is that it’s free to keep it up to date over the Internet, and it’s very easy to manage. Learn more at
      Mail or IM me if you want more help!

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