So, I did the SoCal thing today and crashed my car. Guy in front of me stopped, so did I, guy behind me didn’t, I got to be the cueball in a game of freeway billiards. Total cost to me is $30/day for a rental car for the next 2-3 weeks and maybe $1000 deductible, plus angst and rage and higher insurance. Fortunately no obvious people damage although god knows what I’ll feel like tomorrow, that double impact stuff sucks.

I am now the proud renter of an incredibly shitty bright red Neon. If I crash this thing I’m doomed, it’s made out of bubble wrap and rice paper and has four-wheel chopstick brakes and an engine that runs on baking soda & vinegar.

9 thoughts on “motorcrash

    1. He won’t have to pay more if it isn’t his fault or less than 51% at fault. You see, we at the Auto Club of Southern California will not charge any GDA points for a Y Loss that is not the Insured’s fault. His monthly premium will remain close to the same. As a AAA member he has the option of choosing any mechanic he wishes and use manufacturers parts. Also if the other person involved in the incident is also an AAA member, neither of the insured’s will have to pay their collision deductible.
      The Auto Club of Southern California has been in business for a little 102 years and we will…
      Sorry… not at work.

    2. Sadly the system is based on actuarial tables rather than fairness. THey note that people who’ve had an accident tend to have another, even if it is not that person’s “fault”. So the rates go up.

    1. the nut kick candidate sadly will not be found; it’s the guy who decided to push in with his big stupid SUV and made us all stop. deploy the testicular whack robots!

  1. Holy Shit Kr0nr4d!!!!!
    Are you ok? Do you want me to talk to someone in claims at work?
    Whiplash is paying nicely these days.
    I’d call you right now, but my phone is out to lunch.

  2. ugh…that sucks…car accidents are such a pain even if you don’t get hurt…you end up paying out the ass for someone else’s idiocy and carelessness…
    see you at d’s soon? i’ll buy you a coffee…

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