world of pain

current time: 0344 PDT

current place: the office

OH FUCK ME why do I have a job where I stay up all night? I really, really hate being tired. Especially when I’m just here waiting for other stuff to happen. It’s like being stuck in a horrible airport terminal for 16 hours, counting ceiling tiles, and occasionally having to run around tapping on keyboards.

I get paid pretty well and it’s a DAMN GOOD THING.

5 thoughts on “world of pain

  1. At least at airports they tend to give you vouchers for hotels, airport restaurants, and such. Maybe you can ask for a cot and someone to turn down the covers and put a mint on the pillow or something?
    The really fun thing is not just counting the ceiling tiles, but counting the holes in the ceiling tiles (if they are the style with a pseurandom layout of holes, like they had in my grade school classrooms and nurse’s office as well as at various emergency rooms and ICUs).

      1. It’s “the hook”
        He doesn’t seem to have the joints necessary to do it well, but at least he’s giving it the ol’ college try.

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