The Los Angeles County Health Department rates eating establishments on a letter grade system. Most of them get A’s, there are occasional B’s. Today, driving to work, I passed the FILIPINAS EXCHANGE MARKET which had received a C. I’m not sure I’d ever seen a C before. Even accounting for the fact that many Filipino specialty foods seem designed to terrify anglo health inspectors (balut, diniguan, etc) this appears extreme. What the hell do you have to do in order to get a C? Store your potato salad at 75 degrees Fahrenheit? Overhead salmonella sprayers? Ceviche de vacas locas? It’s terrifying.

Today’s Vehicle Spotting was an old beat up sentra driven by an aging gangsta, bumpersticker: NE1469? I don’t think so, P-Dogg.

How’s everyone enjoying the depression er recession er SLOWER RECOVERY THAN ANTICIPATED??

11 thoughts on “HOSE DOWN MY PANTS!! BLRK

  1. I was reading a news article about people having to create their jobs, and a lot of new college/university grads being disappointed at having to work at Starbucks after getting their Liberal Arts degrees. I remember my mom working at the DMV in the seventies — where 70% of her fellow workers were LA grads. Oops!
    I was just wondering what people thought had changed so much since then to make a vague arts degree incredibly valuable without even a MAJOR. ?!??

  2. Ever read the book Unmentionable Cuisine, which discuss all kinds of odd things that people around the world eat ? Well, I should my wife (a Filipina) something in it about some kind of pig-part stew, and she said “I used it eat that, until I found out what it was.”

    1. diniguan! balut! BLARRGGHG
      There’s a rule in comparative food study that everyone else’s local peasant cuisine sucks because the local poor people send the good stuff to market and eat the offal. Hence sausage, scrapple, etc.
      Island people have the Pork Curse in a big way, though. Most of the people I know who’ve completely sworn off their childhood comfort food in order to avoid death come from some Pacific island or other where they eat nothing except cured pork with pork sauce or salted salty fish-salt.

  3. So if you get a C, you *have* to put some sticker up in your window? Wow.
    There are a couple of Filipino establishments around here but they creep me out. I ate at one of them and didn’t enjoy it at all… and furthermore the reliance on meaty byproducts and gelatin is just… gross.
    I am riding the depression out by being perversely passive. I can perk right up for about an hour or two a day where I try to do something fun, because the other 22 hrs I’ve got the energy of a Raggedy Andy. My kitchen’s cleanliness right now would rate well below a D. Canada is not as hit hard as the US, I could get a job, in fact, every day I get up saying THIS WILL BE THE DAY to complete the estimate for someone who asked me to do some work for them. Well, you asked.

    1. Yeah, you have to put it up in your window no matter what.
      I can’t imagine that you as a vegetarian could eat any filipino food at all. The best item is a heavily cured pork leg that is then deep-fried.
      Buck up and grab the brass ring, etc etc cliche.

  4. Slower than expected recovery helmet is securely fastened.
    While I say this with superstitious trepidation, the current dive of the DOW et al into the crapper has left me pleasently surprised. Two job offers, even with my Starbucks-qualifying degree. I’m now going to rap my knuckles on wood repeatedly to insure that I still have new job on Monday.

    1. KOLLAPS
      I hope your new job is fun or at least a source of humor. If the economy completely crashes, however, we should start our own religion or something more secure than the bond market.

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