amoeba amoeba amoeba

Not the Adolescents song this time, but the record store in the Haight. What a place. Picked up the new Butthole Surfers, some Negativland and Eugene Chadbourne, some SABBATH! and a nice Coltrane all for ~$70 because most of it was used.

Tonight it’s noodles followed by brisk walk followed by espresso I think. And then tomorrow I bid adieu to this fair city by the bay and drive back down.

What a lovely vacation it’s been!

3 thoughts on “amoeba amoeba amoeba

  1. Amoeba rules !
    There are other worthies in the Bay Area too, but Amoeba is especially good for obscure underground and JA dub of dubious origin…

    1. Re: Amoeba rules !
      Yeah, i always find good stuff at amoeba and then if i still have cash I hit Rasputin’s, Streetlight etc. Usually I do this over in Berkeley.
      And of course I try to get to Aquarius but probably not this time, out of cash and time

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