walkin walkin walkin!

Today I walked up and down Mission in a fruitless quest for the misplaced Cartoon Art Museum, then walked the correct way on Mission and found it. It was nice, if a bit small. Very cool to see an original Gorey or two right up close. I then rehydrated in the Metreon, which is a big mall pretending to be the Future. The Future has not changed much since I was a kid.

After a suitable slump back at the hotel I ate too much french food at Cafe Claude (yum) and then bused off across town to meet and go for a walk with her in a very cool park the name of which I have just forgotten, but which had dogs and a great view, followed by beverages and conversation at a friendly Ethiopian-run cafe.

Altogether a very satisfying day. Tomorrow… RECORD SHOPPING! or something.

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