Mysteries of West Los Angeles

Near my job, next door to a flower shop and an AA meeting room, there is something called the Euripedes Barsanulfo Doctrine Center.

Web searching for Mr. Barsanulfo produces only pages in Portuguese, for which Google’s translations produce odd effects:


In this teeny one that it passes the future walks.
The child is the smile of the life embelezando the world.
Let us love this infant, offering to it the elements to changed itself into an honored citizen.
Let us transform our home into school of blessings and in them let us make masters on behalf of the love for the santificante task of superior construction.
Let us educate it, disciplining the impulses to it, but let us not forget in disciplining them, also, so that our voice possesss the heat of the example that designates the comment to it with the force of the accomplishment.
Therefore, in let us not forget them that to teach it is equally to suffer.
The first step of who teaches must be given in the direction to educate itself.
It is not educated being uneducated. It is not disciplined without being disciplined.
The child – fragile clay, base of all social construction – is, before everything, a duplicating machine. E is in this particular that if avulta the value of the School.
The School is not only one dedicated temple to the instruction. It is an altar for the cult of the education and a sanctuary for the love.
Schools confide and the crime will run away from the Land.
The primary Schools with the lights of the love and the goodness are taken advantage, and the wars will changed into arts macabras of the past.
In all the times the School has been the force more powerful than the world knows, making the campaign against the ignorance, the biggest adversary of the human spirit.
The brutality of ?tila if developed for lack of the aid of a School of alfabetiza??o.
The hitlerista savagery attempted against against the Civilization because the School if poluiu, changedding itself into quarter.
To domesticate they are enough relho and the rope, firm will in the impiedade, giving origin to the respect that is born in furnas of the fear. To educate, however, it is essential to love.
Who loves, generates affection and affinity.
In the School where the love if unfolds, the education if improves.
S?crates, in the ?gora of Atenas, and Christ, in the Mountain of the Galil?ia, reverenciaram the safe School that he educates and.
The child advances; the School waits; the adult helps.
All we are educators. We educate for that we make, we educate with what we say. Who does not educate in the positive direction, building, educates, in the negative direction, damaging the character.
It is educated, therefore, well or badly, according to proper possibilities.
When we love, however, we always educate well, because the love that if raises knows to listen to that voice different, of the reason, that corrects and repairs incessantly.
We respect the master and let us honor the School, arm and cradle of the future world.
E this teeny one that it goes there, is the man of tomorrow that it waits for us, since now.
Let us greet the child with the School – this modeladora nobleman of the generations human beings.

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