7 thoughts on “further signs of decline

  1. you’re right, mint skittles bite it. I saw them while i was standing in line at the grocery store and i lost my appetite.

  2. Mint. Skittles. What. The. Hell.
    Oh, I remember the mint skittles well from my time at SXSW. They had mounds, heaps, piles of little sample bags everywhere you turned as some sort of promotion. I tried one of both varieties (blue peppermint and green spearmint, or whatever). It’s just so very wrong, and I only brought back a load of the bags to show my friends what sort of crazy shit can happen if the people in Marketing are given too much coke. I’m sure they’d like you to believe you get double your pleasure, but it’s more like HOLY DAMN THIS SUCKS.

  3. I’m having a strange reaction to the tense of the verb in PREPARA UNO. You know, the command tense or whatever it’s called. I feel compelled to prepara uno. And I hate clams.

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