6 thoughts on “dude, i’m such a rockin serial bomber

      1. I don’t watch TV, so I am not completely sure who that is, but I can only assume it is Mister Pipe Bomb Guy…?

  1. His father was quoted as saying, “Luke isn’t dangerous, he’s just trying to send a message.” I finally see what the message is … OZZY RULES. I’m still trying to figure out how pipe bombs eluded the “dangerous” classification.

    1. not ozzy
      It’s Nirvana. All the reports I’ve read harp on the fact that Nirvana was his favorite band and he was in a midwestern farm boy punk band (???) called Apathy.
      /me wonders what McVeigh’s favorite music was

  2. This kid is really kind of irritating. Violence irritates me in general, but this guy definitely falls squarely into the category of no talent ass clown engaging in mass ass-clownery.
    So does his dad, considering his dad classifies pipe bombs as not dangerous.
    Ass clown begets ass clown.

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