speaking of pork..

The pork people have problems. I sympathize, somehow. You have to sell fatty meat that many religions call impure and that doctors tell people not to eat. It’s a hard sell. So far, over the years they have tried:

1) “The other white meat.” This resulted in fodder for bad comedians for years.

2) “America’s Cut”. No one got this.

3) “Where there’s Pork, there’s Fire”. Hello?

I wonder if some postmodern grad student types had taken over by #3. Anyway, now they’ve snapped completely. Allow me to present the Post 9/11 Pork Banner:


7 thoughts on “speaking of pork..

  1. I loved this post so much that i’m going to go straight out tonight and buy a big pork dinner. I’m going to take the flag off my car antenna and tie the pork chop there, to let it fly in the wind.

  2. what they should have used
    [ Pictures of WTC terrorists ]
    None of these guys ever ate any pork.
    When you’re against pork… you’re against AMERICA

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