intravenous bubble gum sockhop facilitator

I want to learn to play poker. I’ve never played it successfully. Anyone have a good source for a POKER-HOWTO?

A quote from my father surfaced in my head today while listening to some people at work bullshit each other:

“Businessmen are all idiots. You can tell one of them some platitude like ‘If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself’ and then follow it up 10 minutes later with ‘The key to success is delegation; you have to trust your colleagues’ and the guy will agree enthusiastically each time.”

I miss Dad. He would have enjoyed the Interweb.

The new Krazy Kat book rules. Everyone must now buy it.

3 thoughts on “intravenous bubble gum sockhop facilitator

    Hoping to get ket book sometime; thanking you for pointing it out. Weeeeeeeeeee! Honk. =)

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