we have nothing to cheese but cheese itself

“What about those who don’t got what I got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim..
..maybe partying will help.” — The Minutemen

I find myself reflexively annoyed at almost everything. Other people and their issues, animals staring at my food, small clonking noises in the car, the oncoming rush of death, the unavailability of proper yeast at the market. It’s all one big freaking tsuris!

Trust the Jews to come up for the best word for the phenomenon.

If you need anyone slapped hard, let me know. I’m in the mood.

7 thoughts on “we have nothing to cheese but cheese itself

  1. how about these folks?
    pataphysics unlimited (clever, no?)
    the science of imaginary solutions
    Whether your business is technology or service-focused, marketing is the bridge that brings you and your customers together.
    Pataphysics Unlimited can help you build that bridge.
    i honestly can’t tell if this is a joke or not, but i don’t think that it is. calling your business “the science of imaginary solutions” just doesn’t seem like good marketing, to me. and this from a marketing/webdevelopment co.?

    1. Wow. They need a mighty slap from the Slappy Hand of Justice for abusing the glory that is Pataphysical Research for a cheesy local webdev company. It should either be used on a grand scale (renaming AT&T to Pataphysico) or for something utterly and purposefully worthless (Pataphysics Lawn Chairs and Mornings-Only Sports Bar).
      I slap them for you. SLAP!

  2. Organizing the boy scouts for murder is wrong!
    I would suggest taking a walk down to the Marketing department and starting with the first person that look slike they need it.
    My dog suggests the chicken-shaped egg timer in our kitchen.

      I have this great mental image of dog staring at timer as if it is Alien Mind Probe for Dogs ™. O_O hee hee hwar =D

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