round robin tastykake

I’m coughing today; that’s my achievement. So no work, and a certain amount of boredom.

My life today simulates that of the cat.

I realized last night while washing my hands and thinking too hard that one of my greatest achievements over the last 5 years has been failure. When I was a bit younger, I did not allow myself to fail at anything. Every mistake or personal failure was fatal and a great cause for anxiety.

Probably the only reason I’m sane today is that I expect a certain amount of inevitable error, foolishness, and evil to spew out of me. It’s not that I think that’s ok, but it’s survivable.

2 thoughts on “round robin tastykake

  1. Cheer up buddy boy
    Oh the joys of wanting a pony…
    Yes i founf you in a lj intrest search,
    for calvino.
    whats the best thing you have read by him?
    I’m sick too by the way, blaghhh.
    Ok, well hmm don’t know you enough to say your not a failure but by reading the journal entry it does, indeed, prove YOU wrong.
    So cheer up, and lets wallow in our manesfisation of weak white blood cells and coughs.

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