Soup is good food

I’m not sure whether it’s my various minor medical conditions or my innate laziness, but I’m always sleepy. I should be sleepy rihgt now (12:35 a.m) but I feel this way any time I’m moving less than 40 mph.

In other news, I made good chicken soup today, figured out I actually can pay the $600 the IRS just demanded (SURPRISE MONEYSUCKING HALGHALGHALGHALG) and I’m about to have a bit of good whisky. Even in a declining empire at war, some things go well.

Nasty rumor of the day: Beck is a Scientologist. Please let this not be true..

2 thoughts on “Soup is good food

  1. Operating Thetan, Level II
    Due to the WHOLE-TRACK PSYCHS implanting ENGRAMS, there is a DEVIL’S HAIRCUT in your REACTIVE MIND. ENTURBULATE this until you have a COGNITION.

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