verbal peristalsis

One of those lying statistics you read in magazines says that we spend years of our lives looking for lost objects. I lost 90 minutes today to my wallet, which was finally found in the back yard on a table (!). I wonder what would happen if I just never found the object I was chasing. Would I end up like Sisyphus, chasing some unavailable missing object for eternity?

We had a meeting at work today in which the boss tried to draw an analogy between our challenges doing thingies with technology, and the battles for North Africa during the second world war. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Antarctic Expedition Analogy we got handed at a previous job, but it was a bit comical. I imagine myself in goggles, clinging to a tank as bullets whistle by.

The boss is a cool guy, and I’m addicted to analogies also. For some reason mine always seem to involve animals.

“It’s a kangaroo rat solution to the problem. If you just jump straight up, you get away for a bit but the problem is still there when you land.” Then again, the problem is a bit surprised. I hope to surprise my problems by vigorous jumping.

One thought on “verbal peristalsis

  1. Maybe you’ll land on one of the problems once in awhile and CRUSH IT TO A PASTE. A nice tasty paste useable in sandwiches and other delicacies. Ok, maybe not.

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