7 responses to “Updated guidelines, initiatives, and talking points”

  1. miss_geek

    So… if we have school uniforms for university students, does that mean I get to see less chicks in denim mini skirts and ugg boots, or that I will have to buy some?

  2. jakeinhartsel

    I believe that yopu have single handedly figured out the modern political process.

    I wonder if the Mayflower is making a return trip any time soon?

  3. threepunchstuff

    Let’s touch base when we regroup. I’m going to need an ETA on the chiropractor issue. And I do mean a Basque separatist.

  4. eris_devotee

    If we arm the chiropractors, aren’t we concerned that the podiatrists will step up their efforts to produce weapons-grade orthopedic enhancements? Perhaps they can be assuaged if we expand their territory to include wrists.

  5. odradak

    I DEMAND you acknowledge the anxiety I currently have about what SOMEBODY on the TV told me all about RE: the INSIDIOUS THREAT of RED PATHOGENS carried by the USPS as step ONE in a SEVEN STEP PLAN implemented by THE LEFT to halt THE RETURN OF HANK. They want my money, THEY AIN’T GETTING IT.

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