18 responses to “McBWONGGGGGG”

  1. jpeace

    I’m peeing stars, I’m peeing stars
    oh, my, starry eyed delight

  2. gcrumb

    I almost felt sorry for the old guy.

    It was a lot like watching some drunken, washed-up coulda-bin-a-contenda trying to pick a fight against the champ, who really doesn’t want to humiliate him in public, but doesn’t like getting sucker-punched either.

    That photo is going to haunt him.

    1. maps_or_guitars

      It was exactly like waching a drunken, washed-up coulda-bin. That’s just what it was.

  3. fattmike

    OMG, I’m really MARRIED to Cindy???????

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t mock the man. Hairballs are serious business, bro.

  5. maps_or_guitars


  6. obnoxicant


  7. cascadefailure

    I like the full shot. It looks like the high school smart ass following the cheerleader…drooling over her ass.

  8. salome_st_john

    My favorite part is the title of the post, I keep saying it over and over again.

  9. handstil

    hahahah Mc Bwongggg! I love you.

  10. ttam

    1. jamie_miller

      I just stole this

      1. ttam

      2. ttam

      3. ttam

  11. jamie_miller

  12. djshiva

    i just don’t ever need to see mccain’s tongue exposed ever ever again.


    1. sixredcities

      McCain’s “Dean Scream” moment.

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