7 responses to “Garfunkeled, Oates’d, and Ridgeley’d”

  1. mcpino

    I am Garfunkling right now.

  2. vanbeast
  3. threepunchstuff

    The traitor whose Irish Creme empire was built on the blood and tears of clowns? Do not utter that name in my presence again.

  4. fweebles

    <rumor attributes=”wild,unsubstantiated”>
    Bailey was a hack.

  5. fengi

    You think he feels the cold shoulder, try multiplying by seven for the guys who weren’t even allowed to attend your joke!

  6. klikitak

    slowly gone the way of little debbie I presume!

  7. judgefudge

    I am reminded of him every day, because a plot of land owned by him (and later, his family) is a region here known as “Bailey’s Crossroads.”

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