6 responses to “Accidentally Vegan Pea Soup”

  1. maeve66

    Mmm. That sounds really good. I made cabbage-bean soup tonight, myself, which is a family recipe I’ve posted before, I think. Winter — even “winter” in California — is a good time for soups. I’ll be making pea soup soon, though probably with ham shank, and I want to make scotch broth, too, with lamb and barley, mmmm.

  2. brianenigma

    If one were to meatify the recipe, how much of what animal pieces/broths would you suggest?

    1. Anonymous

      Isn’t the point of this recipe to have an ethical meal? If one were to “meatify,” as you say, that would defeat the purpose of making “vegan” soup in the first place!

  3. kiteflier98


    I may just get brave enough to try this. I love lentils :)

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